Freemasonry is relevant and is much needed in a world desperate for organizations that are dedicated to the service of humanity and the local communities through an honorable living based on the practices of toleration, moderation, and self-reliance while promoting equality and liberty. Joining our Fraternity can be an important step in a man’s personal life.  Certainly millions of men over centuries have found it to be so. is a wealth of information!

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If you have any questions, we invite you to connect with our Senior Warden, Shawn Lemke any time at (847)857-1813

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What next?

You have made your decision and you are desirous of joining us in this great and good work.

  • You will then need to complete the Petition for the Degrees of Masonry and submit it to the Lodge (usually the Lodge Secretary).

  • In addition to the petition, the Lodge Secretary will need the initiation fee to accompany the petition.  It is important to consult with the Secretary of the Lodge as the fee may vary from Lodge to Lodge.

  • Once the Secretary has received the petition and the fee, your petition will be read at the next Stated Meeting of the Lodge.  Shortly thereafter, you should receive a phone call from someone at the Lodge inviting you to an interview.

  • At any point between submitting your petition and your interview you will need to submit to a background check.  You can go to the site below and complete your background check any time after you submit your petition.


  • During the Stated Meeting following your interview, the Lodge will vote on your petition.

  • If your petition is approved by the Lodge, you are well on your way to becoming a Freemason!