What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest fraternal societies. Freemasonry is a society of men concerned with moral and spiritual values. Its members are taught its precepts by a series of ritual dramas, which follow ancient forms and use stonemasons’ customs and tools as allegorical guides. The lessons Freemasonry teaches in its ceremonies acknowledge, without in any way crossing the boundaries of religion, that everything depends on the providence of God.

It encourages good citizenship and political expression, but is not a political organization. Its charitable activities are manifold, yet it is not a welfare or benefit organization.

Freemasonry is kindness in the home; honesty in business; courtesy to others; dependability in one’s work; compassion for the unfortunate; resistance to evil; help for the weak; concern for good government; support for public education; and above all, a reverence for God and love of fellow Man.

 Who can become a Mason?

Twenty-two words establish the most important prerequisite to becoming a Mason.

“…We receive none knowingly into our ranks who are not moral and upright before God and of good repute before the world…”

Under Indiana Masonic Law, a person seeking admission must be a man, at least 18 years of age and a resident of Indiana for at least six months immediately prior to petitioning. He must profess his belief in the existence of a Supreme Being, by whatever name He may be known. Membership in the Fraternity must be of one’s own free will and accord.

As Freemasons, we believe that membership in an organization as worthy as ours must come from a sincere wish of being serviceable to your fellow creatures, and not because of any coercement, or of any promise of material gain of any kind.

How do I become a Mason?

You must ask to become a Freemason. While it is no longer forbidden in some jurisdictions (including Indiana) to ask a man if he would like to become a Freemason, typically you will not be asked to join.

  • Phone or E-mail one of the Officers
  • E-mail the Lodge requesting information
  • Contact a person known to you to be a Mason and ask him to assist in obtaining the information you require
  • Contact the Indiana Grand Lodge

How old do I have to be to become a Mason?

In Indiana, eighteen years old (18 years old).  In other States and Countries, the minimum age may vary.

Is it really a secret society?

Freemasonry is an open, not secretive, society.  Masonic Lodges are clearly marked on the exterior and Masons make no secret of thier membership.  They were pins and rings and adorn thier cars with the Square and Compass.  Hardly the action of a secret society.

There are secret ways Masons use to identify each other and gain enterance into Lodges involving grips and passwords, but this is done to be certain of a man’s membership qualifications.

Is Freemasonry a religion?

No.  As a fraternal association dedicated to making good men better, Freemasonry respects the religious beliefs of all its members.  Freemasonry has no theology and does not teach any mthod of salvation.

Yet, religion plays an important part in Freemasonry.  A candidate must profess a belief in God – no atheist can ever become a Mason.  Masonry encourages its members to be active in religion and the house of worship of his own choice, for without religion, a man alone and lost will never reach his fullest potential.  But a man’s choice of religion is his own, and will never be dictated by his Lodge.

Masons come from every religion the world over, and are always respectful and tolerant of that which is sacred to his Brother, be he a Christian, Muslim, Jew, or or some other faith in God.

What are the basic principles of Freemasonry?

Brotherly Love – Relief – Truth

What is the time commitment?

Masonry is not meant to interfere with your responsibilities to God, your family, or your job.  You will be required to memorize portions of the ritual, and once you have done so, you can be as active or passive as you wish.  We encourage you to attend our meetings and take part in passing along our rituals and heritage to those who follow you, helping at Lodge functions or even becoming an officer, but none of this is required.

Can women become Masons?

Freemasonry admits only men, but many Masonic-related organizations, such as the Order of the Eastern Star, Order of the Amaranth, Job’s Daughters, or Rainbow for Girls and the Order of DeMolay for boys, offer many opportunites for women and youth.

What does Freemasonry teach?

Freemasonry is a course of moral instruction through the study of signs, emblems, and allegorical figures.  Responsibility for one’s actions; tolerance and mutual respect of others, of religions, of ideas; self-control; good citizenship; honor and integrety; faith; and the desire to do good work for the improvement of society – all of these principles and more are among the teachings of Freemasonry.

How does Freeemasonry teach?

Freemasonry teaches through the use of signs and rituals.  The rituals of Masonry have developed over centuries and contain beautiful language and ideas expressed in symbols.  Masons learn through a series of lessons called “degrees.”  These offer degrees of insight that move from basic to more complex concepts.  This no more hides the nature of Freemasonry from novice members than does having a student understand fractions before calculus.

What are some ways Masons serve thier fellow man?

Freemasonry supports a wide variety of charitable causes.  In Indiana, Freemasonry supports the Indiana Masonic Home, located in Franklin, for members and thier spouses.  In addition, each individual Lodge may have it’s own individual charitable causes such as food banks, widow’s funds, highway cleanups, sponsoring children’s sports team and other local charitable pursuits.

What is the difference between a Shriner and a Mason?

Lodge members may join other Masonically-related organizations outside of thier Mother Lodge.  Such groups include the York Rite Orders (the Royal Arch Masons, Cryptic Masons, and the Knights Templar), the Scottish Rite, the Shrine, and the Order of the Eastern Star.  All Shriners are Masons but not all Masons are Shriners.  One must first join a Masonic Lodge and recieve the three degrees of Masonry, then go through the additional degrees of either the York Rite or Scottish Rite or join the Shrine.

I have just moved to Indianapolis and I would like to attend Lodge?

Phone or e-mail one of the officers and make arrangements to attend the next Community Dinner, held every Wednesday. 

In what kind of activites is the Lodge involved?

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